• 23 Jan

    NEXT and Play it Strange - travelling side by side for a better NZ

    “I learnt classical music so I could get out of study and hide in the music rooms…” Mike Chunn - friend of NEXT, music mentor and Play it Strange Trust CEO takes us back to where his passion for music began - how Split Enz was born - and how NEXT and his music charity are travelling side by side for a better New Zealand.   read more

  • 19 Jan

    Summer Learning Journey Keeps Low Decile Students Academically Match Fit

    “Students who didn’t practice or flex their literary muscles over summer experienced a loss of literary fitness that took lots of hard work and training to regain ..” Dr Rachel Williams, from the NEXT supported initiative Summer Learning Journey, in an article for Newsroom.  read more

  • 19 Jan

    Mount Taranaki Granted Same Legal Rights As A Person

    The NZ Government has granted the iconic Taranaki mountain a “legal personality.” The Chairman of the NEXT supported Taranaki Mounga project; and Chief negotiator for the Taranaki iwi Jamie Tuuta has described it as “significant to Maori people nationwide.”  read more

  • 21 Dec

    Taranaki Mounga Annual Report

    Taranaki Mounga, a NEXT supported environmental initiative restoring the National Park; has published its 2017 annual report.  read more

  • 21 Dec

    Project Janszoon Annual Report

    Project Janszoon; a NEXT supported environmental initiative restoring Abel Tasman National Park, has published its 2017 annual report.  read more

  • 21 Dec

    Project Janszoon Celebrates Five Years

    Project Janszoon - a NEXT environmental initiative is celebrating its fifth anniversary. The project is a collaboration between the Department of Conservation; The Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust iwi and community to restore the Abel Tasman National Park.  read more

  • 19 Dec

    NEXT Education and Environment Leaders End of Year Messages

    For our final newsletter of 2017 we bring you the wisdom of the wonderful leaders in education and the environment that NEXT supports. We asked them for a short quote or anecdotal story that resonates with them. Enjoy the read - have a safe and happy festive season and we look forward to connecting with you again in 2018.  read more

  • 18 Dec

    Arteries and Capillaries of Government - getting Policy and Implementation in Sync

    "Often the arteries of government policy fail to be implemented within the capillaries of the community . . . ” a blog from NEXT CEO Bill Kermode following a recent visit to US philanthropic organisations.  read more

  • 14 Dec

    Summer Learning Journey Boosted by NEXT Foundation

    "Summer Learning Journey is an excellent example of a well structured education innovation with robust evidence and a scalable model,” - NEXT CEO Bill Kermode in the NZ Herald, in a report about NEXT’s latest education investment.  read more