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PwC NEXT Young Leaders

Jacob Weaver

Jacob Weaver - 2018 PwC NEXT Young Leader

"Being a PwC NEXT Young Leader has been awesome - connecting with inspirational kiwis driving real change in NZ's education and environment. I am grateful for the opportunity and will continue to support core strategic philanthropy ideals and philosophies in my career at PwC."

Alex McKay

Alex McKay - 2017 PwC NEXT Young Leader

"We are all working towards the same greater good, so people are willing to share their intellect, instead of patent it. This has been the biggest revelation for me through my role at NEXT, and I think it makes philanthropy the best place to be."

Laura Lee

Laura Lee - 2016 PwC NEXT Young Leader

"Before my involvement with NEXT I was completely unaware of the enormous generosity, energy and ingenuity which goes on behind the scenes to effect positive, real change in NZ. A shared trait amongst all those involved is an infectious refusal to accept the 'norm' - no doubt why I find myself still involved in setting traps at a kiwi sanctuary a year later."

Courtney Sanson

Courtney Sanson - 2015 PwC NEXT Young Leader

"Through my role with the NEXT Foundation, I had the opportunity to meet with a broad range of people who want to effect positive change in the New Zealand education and environmental spaces, and are willing to give generously of their time, money and experience to achieve this. I love that there are so many New Zealanders out there who are keen to do good for the benefit of generations to come."

Jen Read

Jen Read - 2014/2015 PwC NEXT Young Leader

"My time at NEXT was eye opening. With a diverse network of impressive and empowered individuals - from ministers, school principals, Iwi, entrepreneurs, students, scientists to businessmen (and women!) - NEXT embodies what I consider to be a defining element of Kiwi culture: everyone mucking in to achieve a common goal of making NZ better for future generations. I am proud to have been involved with NEXT and know that it has shaped where I will direct my energy in the future."