Why it matters

  • The health of New Zealand’s land and water is integral to national success.
  • The health of our nation’s environment is critical for the local economy. Tourism, primary production and many other sectors depend on it
  • The relationship with the land is intrinsic to national identity, and defining for New Zealanders. Particularly for Māori who are ‘kaitiaki’ or guardians of the land
  • Community based conservation projects build social cohesion. Activities such as planting days and native bird releases bring communities together, connecting people to a cause bigger than themselves
  • Scientific evidence shows the positive relationship between nature and mental health
  • New Zealand was an isolated archipelago for 80 million years with only recently introduced mammalian predators. This is one of the most remarkable natural environments in the world, with many special ecological assets including thousands of endemic species. This has global significance
  • As an island nation with a small geographic footprint, the country is well placed as a test laboratory to become predator free. This could carve a path for the rest of the world to follow

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