NEXT Foundation has welcomed a white paper released today setting out research priorities for the future of regenerative farming in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The Paper was released by Our Land and Water Toitū te Whenua, Toiora te Wai, which funded the paper alongside Manaaki Whenua, Landcare Research and NEXT.

“Farm and production systems are important to biodiversity and climate change outcomes for Aotearoa New Zealand – as well as obvious benefits to our economy and wellbeing,” says NEXT environmental director Jan Hania.

“Regenerative Agriculture is poised to reframe the approach and definition of what good looks like for New Zealand – but it is a complex melee of water quality, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, community connectedness and financial infrastructure challenges.

“We welcome this paper which outlines the research priorities and introduces 11 principles of regenerative agriculture. It gives a clear pathway forward towards better outcomes across landuse and food production in Aotearoa New Zealand.”

Read the full paper here.