A learning journey

  • Two independent evaluations of NEXT from a grant partner (‘partner’) perspective occurred over the ten year life of the Foundation. The first happened in 2016 and the second in 2019
  • Providing grantees with a confidential forum to share feedback on the funder increases equity in the partnership and provides learning insights for the philanthropic trust
  • These insights papers shine a light on where NEXT is doing well and opportunities to improve
  • In the first evaluation, grant partners described various strengths of the Foundation, such as the people involved and quality of the NEXT network; strategic depth and focus; and value add support
  • Various learning areas were identified and as a result NEXT refined course in a number of areas. This includes providing applicants with greater transparency regarding due diligence; building in stronger diversity to selection; and increasing knowledge of Māori tikanga
  • Reflection and learning is ongoing and is central to the NEXT approach

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