• 23 Aug

    NEXT Chairman Chris Liddell’s Advice to NEXT Generation

    How does a twenty-something Kiwi prepare for the challenges of the modern world? That’s the question pitched to NEXT Foundation Chairman Chris Liddell by a group of young New Zealanders called NEXT Generation who are on a journey of discovery about philanthropy.  read more

  • 03 Aug

    Data Sharing for Better Decision Making – An Introduction

    NEXT supports projects that are transformational, inspirational and business-like. Part of “business-like” is using evidence to support actions and decision-making. “Big data” is widening the breadth of that evidence, and technology is making it potentially much more widely available. NEXT supports initiatives that create and use that data responsibly for better decision making.  read more

  • 26 Jul

    Can New Zealand be predator free by 2050?

    That's the bold vision of the Government, which announced $28 million investment over the next four years to kick start this campaign… inspired by projects like NEXT’s Rotoroa Island and Mount Taranaki Mounga.  read more

  • 21 Jul

    NEXT Foundation / Play it Strange - Meeting Our Musicians series

    The Next Foundation values its relationship with Play It Strange, a Trust which encourages young New Zealanders to develop their song writing and musical skills. Play it Strange has generously granted NEXT access to its artists – whose music appears on our project videos, on our website.  read more

  • 04 May

    NEXT's Philanthropic Investment Focus

    NEXT Chairman Chris Liddell outlines the Foundation's philanthropic investment focus in education and the environment.  read more

  • 03 May

    NEXT Foundation Confirms Areas of Particular Interest

    The NEXT Foundation has confirmed the areas it is most interested in regarding its strategy to improve New Zealand’s environment and education.  read more

“We are delighted to be supporting projects that have huge aspirations, but are also run by inspirational kiwis looking to make a difference to real problems.”

— Chris Liddell, NEXT Foundation Chair


how you can help

Any group or individual can submit an application for funding of New Zealand-based environmental or education projects. Find out more about how we work. Read more


What we do

NEXT Foundation invests in education and environmental initiatives that are transformative on a large scale and benefit future generations of New Zealanders. Find out more about what we do. Read more


who we are

NEXT Foundation has been established to invest $100 million in transformational projects for the benefit of future generations of New Zealanders. Find out more about who we are. Read more


Why education and environment

The initiatives which NEXT Foundation believes are most important to New Zealand as a country are its land and its people. Find out why education and the environment are our focus. Read more

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Chair Chris Liddell shares NEXT Foundation’s passion for the future of New Zealand’s land and its people.

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