“The process itself was a privileged insight into the many ways to a better New Zealand. We’re delighted that each of the four projects that we’re investing in all have a multiplier effect and the potential to have greater impact nationally.”

— Bill Kermode, CEO NEXT Foundation


how you can help

Any group or individual can submit an application for funding of New Zealand-based environmental or education projects. Find out more about how we work. Read more


What we do

NEXT Foundation invests in education and environmental initiatives that are transformative on a large scale and benefit future generations of New Zealanders. Find out more about what we do. Read more


who we are

NEXT Foundation has been established to invest $100 million in transformational projects for the benefit of future generations of New Zealanders. Find out more about who we are. Read more


Why education and environment

The initiatives which NEXT Foundation believes are most important to New Zealand as a country are its land and its people. Find out why education and the environment are our focus. Read more

Projects we have helped with