A predator free New Zealand
Educational leadership
Healthy rivers
Teacher excellence
The first 1,000 days

NEXT invests in projects (within these focus areas) that can catalyse momentum for change on a national scale. We support initiatives that are transformational, inspirational and business-like. Our strategic philanthropy investments have strong leaders with a bold vision, a commitment to excellence and an inclusive partnership approach.

Explaining this further NEXT CEO Bill Kermode says “We want clear definition of a problem or need, and a clear plan to address that. We want to see inspirational leadership, and excellent project management and execution skills. And we want our projects to have wide impact and a plan for long term sustainability – not just financially but also in regard to their resources, capabilities and partnerships. Ultimately we are focusing on supporting a small number of large scale initiatives with these characteristics that can transform their area of interest in New Zealand, to make our country a better place for our land and our people.”

In the environment, initiatives like Te Manahuna Aoraki, Taranaki Mounga, ZIP, Project Janszoon, Predator Free Wellington, Cacophony, Rotoroa Island, and Predator Free Community Champion Kelvin Hastie all fit within the Predator Free focus area. NEXT is still seeking initiatives in the healthy rivers space to support.

In education, Springboard Trust, The Mind Lab, Manaiakalani Outreach, Ako Mātātupu:Teach First NZ, The Education Hub, Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru, and Summer Learning Journey are all NEXT supported projects that promote teacher excellence and leadership in education. Talking Matters and Space are our first investments in “The first 1,000 days of life.”