NEXT Foundation is celebrating four years since its launch in 2014 – and now supports sixteen environmental and education initiatives.  

Thirteen of those investments have been made since the foundation’s inception – and three are continuing support for projects started before NEXT’s launch. 

“The projects we are supporting are all transformational initiatives that we believe can be catalysts for system change within New Zealand” NEXT CEO Bill Kermode said. “We are impressed with their innovation and leadership, and the bold vision they each have for change in their space.” 

Mr Kermode said each investment is for multiple years, and NEXT supported all organisations both financially and non-financially. 

“With this resource allocation in mind NEXT has decided to not schedule any further application (EOI) processes – and rather continue our focus on supporting the positive impact these existing projects can have – to ensure they are sustainable, robust, and transformational. We may still proactively seek out new investments.” 

NEXT’s investment areas have coalesced into: 

Predator Free by 2050 (Taranaki Mounga; Zero Invasive Predators, The Cacophony Project; Predator Free Wellington; Predator Free Community Champion Kelvin Hastie; and previously Project Janszoon and Rotoroa Island). 

Teacher Excellence, including Educational Leadership (Springboard Trust; The Mind Lab by Unitec; Manaiakalani; The Summer Learning Journey; Teach First NZ: Ako Mātātupu; and Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru).  

The First 1000 Days (Talking Matters and SPACE / Parenting Place). 

There are no current investments in the freshwater or environmental education spaces.  

Mr Kermode said the strategic philanthropic foundation is delighted with its current portfolio of investments - and to be helping increase their impact for New Zealand’s land and its people.  

The NEXT Foundation application process

As explained in the statement above, there is no further EOI application processes scheduled for the NEXT Foundation. For the record, this was the process followed for the two rounds of EOI completed in the first two years of NEXT.

We use a two-step process where applicants first submit a brief Expression of Interest (EOI).  After short-listing, a smaller number of applicants are invited to provide a Request for Proposal (RFP). The RFP is a significant expansion on your EOI application where you will provide more details about your project idea.  At this stage, we will also visit your organisation to get to know more about your ideas and business.

Once submitted, the RFPs are reviewed by our CEO and Advisory Panel.  Final decisions regarding NEXT Foundation investment rest with the Board of Directors.

This stepped process is designed to be as simple as possible, and to reduce the substantial burden of a full application process at the EOI stage. We seek to reduce the obvious disappointment of sponsors who would have otherwise developed substantial and detailed proposals, without knowing where they stood in terms of initial evaluation.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for further information.