• 05 Apr

    NEXT Foundation Review

     read more
  • 27 Feb

    New Funding for a Predator Free NZ

    Predator Free 2050 Ltd has announced new funding available for some regions, and for developing new predator free tools and technologies.  read more

  • 05 Feb

    NEXT Supports 4,000 NZ Teachers to Upskill in Technology

    One in 15 New Zealand teachers have upskilled in technology through a NEXT sponsored postgraduate programme run by The Mind Lab. The 4000 primary and secondary teachers have graduated with a Postgraduate Certificate in Digital and Collaborative learning. The Mind Lab Founder Frances Valintine says it makes teaching the leading sector in NZ for reskilling in technology.  read more

  • 01 Feb

    Abel Tasman History Announced as Book Awards Finalist

    Congratulations to historian and author Dr Philip Simpson whose book Down the Bay - a history of the Abel Tasman National Park - has been selected as a finalist in the Ockham NZ Book Awards.  read more

  • 30 Jan

    Sir David Attenborough Gives PFNZ2050 the Thumbs Up

    Iconic environmentalist Dir David Attenborough has given New Zealand’s ambitious plans to become Predator Free the the thumbs up - telling our Prime Minister Jacinda Arden that the “knees of rats shake when New Zealand is near.” read more

  • 19 Dec

    Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru Transforms Education in Rotorua

    Five years ago Rotorua schools were competing for students. Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru, a backbone educational initiative NEXT invested in since 2015 has changed that.  read more

  • 10 Dec

    The Wyrbill and New Zealand's Collective Biodiversity Challenge

    What does the wrybill - an endangered NZ bird with a wonky bill - have to do with saving NZ’s biodiversity? Former Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Dr Jan Wright explains why - and talks about her new conservation challenge in this edition of NEXT Outlook.  read more

  • 22 Nov

    How to give away $100 million and still get your money's worth

    Business success is a relative term. It may mean you’ve built a business, helped build a business, or done very well in the business you work in – to the point where personal comfort and security are no longer an issue. What else, you might wonder. read more

  • 21 Nov

    Targeting Predators with Technology

    Could data commons be the the tool kit for the ambitious goal of making New Zealand Predator Free by 2050?  read more

  • 19 Nov

    Impact Investment in NZ - Report Released

    Strategic philanthropy (including NEXT), social bonds, ethical funds management and social enterprise trends are featured in this report by Chapman Tripp released this week.  read more

  • 06 Nov

    Te Manahuna Aoraki Conservation Project Launched in South Island

    NEXT Foundation is one of the investors in the Te Manahuna Aoraki conservation project - which will eliminate pests and predators from the Upper McKenzie Basin and Aoraki Mount Cook National Park. The project covers an area three times the size of Auckland and will help protect the biodiversity of some of New Zealand’s most stunning landscape and threatened birds.  read more

  • 03 Nov

    NEXT Announces New Environmental Investment in Upper McKenzie Basin and Aoraki/ MT Cook National Park

    NEXT is excited to announce a new environmental investment - we are founding partners in a collaboration restoring the biodiversity in the Upper McKenzie basin and Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, announced today.  read more

  • 31 Oct

    Project Janszoon Under The Spotlight During Royal Visit

    NEXT environmental initiative Project Janszoon - which is restoring the biodiversity in the Abel Tasman National Park- came in for special attention this week when A list royals Prince Harry and his new wife Meghan visited the Park.  read more

  • 23 Oct

    Call for Talk in the First 1000 Days of Life to be at the Top of the Agenda

    “Right now we have got a unique opportunity with the child wellbeing framework review and the review of early learning to get talk high on the agenda - we want recognition for it centrality early in life.” Talking Matters director Alison Sutton explains the case for more investment in talking with babies in the first 1000 days of life, in this NEXT Outlook presentation.  read more

  • 15 Oct

    Babies Are Born To Communicate

    New research shows babies babble can be an indicator of how good a reader they will become. TVOne news reports on the findings- and NEXT education initiative Talking Matters backs it up - saying babies are “born to communicate”.  read more

  • 05 Oct

    Rat Cunning in the Capital

    Are rats using storm water drains to get around Wellington? That report and more updates in the latest edition of a Predator Free Wellington’s newsletter.  read more

  • 24 Sep

    Palmerston North Teachers Win The Mind Lab NEXT Expert Teacher Awards

    Two teachers from College Street Normal School in Palmerston North have been awarded the NEXT Expert Teacher Award after completing a postgraduate course at The Mind Lab.  read more

  • 19 Sep

    Waiheke Island's Bid to Become World's First Predator Free Urban Island

    Waiheke Island has secured funding to help eradicate rats and stoats from the island - and a chance to become the world’s first predator free urban island.  read more

  • 30 Aug

    Zero Invasive Predators - Challenges of Removing Predators from the Mainland

    Weather and possums - two of the many challenges Zero Invasive Predators is facing removing predators from the mainland - in a trial at the Perth Valley on the West Coast.  read more

  • 27 Aug

    No Rat is Safe in Wellington - Not Even in Student Flats

    Wellington city is on a mission to become the first Predator Free City in the world - and no rat is safe- not even in student flats! A group called Traplordz has been formed to tackle the rats in students flats- as this report in Stuff explains.  read more

  • 22 Aug

    NBR Puts Spotlight on NZ Philanthropy Sector

    Philanthropy plays a crucial part in improving New Zealand society, with private funds stepping in to ease the country’s shortfalls. But what entices people to give away large chunks of their money, and how is the sector evolving?  read more

  • 15 Aug

    Summer Learning Journey Students Score Higher in Writing and Reading

    The NEXT supported education initiative Summer Learning Journey is helping achieve better literacy results of students who participate in the programme over the school holidays.  read more

  • 15 Aug

    Precious Cargo - Kauri Seedlings Find Sanctuary at Rotoroa Island

    One hundred Kauri seedlings - from the iconic Colin McCahon House, have a new home on NEXT environmental initiative Rotoroa Island. The seedlings have been planted on the island to try and save them from the deadly disease Kauri dieback.  read more

  • 13 Aug

    PFNZ 2050 Ltd Announces $3.2million Funding for Predator Free Wellington

    “Of all the proposals we’ve seen Wellington is the strongest in terms of community at work,” NEXT advisor and Predator Free 2050 Limited spokesman Rob Fenwick commenting on the $3.2m boost for Predator Free Wellington announced this week. The New Zealand Herald reports on the mission for Wellington to become the first Predator Free capital in the world.  read more

  • 13 Aug

    Major Funding Boost For Predator Free Wellington

    Predator Free Wellington’s vision to be the first capital city in the world to be Predator Free got a boost this week - to the tune of $3.2million. Predator Free NZ 2050 Ltd announced the financial support to the initiative founded two years ago by NEXT, the Wellington City Council and the Greater Wellington Regional Council.  read more

  • 09 Aug

    Oral Language Programme Wins NEXT Funded Teaching Award

    Two Burnside Primary teachers who have developed an innovative oral language programme to help new entrants have been named winners of The Education Hub’s Bright Spots Awards, for innovative teaching practice. The Star has filed this report on the winners - the awards are funded by NEXT. read more

  • 09 Aug

    Mount Aspiring College Teacher Wins Bright Spots Award

    The Education Hub has announced Mount Aspiring College teacher Chris Waugh has won one of its Bright Spots Awards for innovative teaching practice. The Wanaka Sun reports on the details of the award - which NEXT funds.  read more

  • 02 Aug

    Omata School Children Help Locate Predators At Taranaki Mounga Project

    A group of school children from Omaha School west of New Plymouth are playing detectives to help the Taranaki Mounga project. They are trawling through hours of video footage to help locate where the predators are - so the Taranaki Mounga team know where to target their trapping efforts.  read more

  • 02 Aug

    Gisborne Boys High Teacher Wins NEXT Funded Bright Spots Award

    Gisborne Boys High School Head of Science Darcy Fawcett has been named one of the winners of The Education Hub’s Bright Spots Awards. Darcy has developed a data interpretation tool to determine if teachers improvements in practice are effective. The Awards are funded by NEXT. read more

  • 30 Jul

    Taupo Secondary Teachers Win Funding to Promote Stem Subjects

    A group of teachers from Tauhara College in Taupo have won one of The Education Hub’s inaugural Brights Spots Awards - for an innovative teaching programme promoting STEM subjects at the Maori girls college. NEXT is funding the awards. read more

  • 24 Jul

    NEXT Funded Bright Spots Awards for Innovative Teaching Announced

    A group of Taupo teachers developing a programme to encourage young Māori women to enrol in STEM subjects and a Christchurch primary school designing an oral language programme for new entrants are among the winners of The Education Hub’s inaugural Bright Spots Awards, funded by NEXT Foundation, announced today.  read more

  • 16 Jul

    NEXT Releases New Video Showcasing Education Portfolio

    NEXT Foundation has released a new video highlighting its education investments. NEXT currently invests in nine initiatives supporting projects in the first 1000 days of life; teacher excellence and leadership in education.  read more

  • 05 Jul

    New NEXT Environmental Initiatives Video

    NEXT has released a video showcasing the environmental initiatives it invests is - as part of its investment focus on a Predator Free New Zealand, and healthy rivers.  read more

  • 03 Jul

    Hawkes Bay Receives Predator Free NZ 2050 Ltd Funding

    Predator Free NZ 2050 Ltd has announced funding for Predator Free Hawkes Bay - kick starting with $1.6million to remove possums from the Mahia Peninsula. read more

  • 29 Jun

    Kea World Class NZ - Full List of Winners

    Philanthropy, arts, science and technology - Kea has published it’s full list of winners of the 2018 World Class NZ awards - where NEXT founders Neal and Annette Plowman took out the Supreme Award. read more

  • 27 Jun

    Project Janszoon Founders Neal & Annette Plowman - Standing Ovation at Kea Awards

    NEXT Founders Neal and Annette Plowman - who are helping fund the restoration of Abel Tasman National Park - were recognised as Supreme Winners at the Kea 2018 World Class NZ Awards. read more

  • 21 Jun

    NEXT Founders Neal and Annette Plowman - 2018 Kea World Class New Zealand Supreme Award Winners

    NEXT founders Neal and Annette Plowman have been announced 2018 Kea World Class New Zealand Supreme Award winners. The award acknowledges their outstanding contribution to New Zealand through their philanthropy. read more

  • 21 Jun

    NEXT Founders Neal and Annette Plowman's Call to Action - Consider Gifting Your Wealth

    NEXT founders Neal and Annette Plowman have suggested other wealthy New Zealanders consider gifting fifty per cent of their wealth - in their acceptance speech at the Kea World Class New Zealand awards.  read more

  • 21 Jun

    NEXT Executive Pay Tribute to Neal and Annette Plowman

    NEXT Founding Chair Chris Liddell, CEO Bill Kermode, the Board and the Plowman family have paid tribute to NEXT founders Neal and Annette Plowman, upon the announcement they are joint recipients of the 2018 Kea World Class New Zealand Supreme Award. read more

  • 21 Jun

    Neal and Annette Plowman’s Philanthropic Journey

    Neal and Annette Plowman are one of New Zealand’s most generous couples. We chart their philanthropic journey over the past 15 years. read more

  • 20 Jun

    Cacophony Update: How Effective is Your Trapping Device?

    NEXT supported Cacophony Project reports on some interesting data around the effectiveness of various backyard traps, and how many predators they are seeing around a trap for every one caught.  read more

  • 20 Jun

    Closing the ZIP on Possums

    Wilderness magazine reports on the latest innovations from NEXT supported Zero Invasive Predators, and how they are applying new tools and techniques to eradicating predators from a test site in Perth Valley, Westland.  read more

  • 19 Jun

    NEXT/ The Mind Lab Collaboration to Upskill Teachers in Technology

    “It’s a privilege to be able to support teachers who want to better prepare our future generations of New Zealanders - there’s no more impactful place to invest in education,” NEXT CEO Bill Kermode reflects on the foundation’s investment in upskilling teachers in technology through The Mind Lab.  read more

  • 11 Jun

    Could the Cacophony Project's Innovation be the Key to New Zealand becoming Predator Free?

    The Cacophony Project is the “Let’s rip up the script/ use Kiwi No 8 fencing wire ingenuity to solve a wick problem” approach to New Zealand becoming Predator Free - according to this report in Stuff NZ.  read more

  • 06 Jun

    PwC NEXT Young Leader, Jacob Weaver, Reflects on Strategic Philanthropy

    PwC NEXT Young Leader Jacob Weaver has completed his one year secondment. He shares his thoughts on how the experience will shape his career.  read more

  • 05 Jun

    NEXT Supported NPeW Trust Chairman, Leith Comer, Recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours

    Leith Comer - who chairs the Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru Education Trust that NEXT supports, has been made a Companion the Queen’s Service Order in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.  read more

  • 30 May

    Taranaki Region Receives $11m from PFNZ 2050 Ltd to Become First Predator Free Region

    A large-scale predator project, the biggest of its kind in New Zealand, was launched in Taranaki today supported by more than $11 million from the Government. Taranaki aims to be the first predator-free region in the country under the project, called Taranaki Taku Tūranga - Our Place, Towards a Predator-Free Taranaki and is led by the Taranaki Regional Council. It is the first large-scale project to receive funding from Predator Free 2050 Ltd, the company set up by the Government in 2016 to help New Zealand achieve its predator-fee 2050 goal.  read more

  • 29 May

    NEXT Extends Talking Matters Funding

    NEXT has announced it is extending the funding for Talking Matters - an educational initiative promoting rich language in a baby’s first 1000 days of life. read more

  • 28 May

    Zero Invasive Predators Faces Big Test in the Perth Valley, Westland

    NEXT supported initiative Zero Invasive Predators is collaborating with PFNZ 2050 Ltd to undertake a big challenge on the mainland. The team is about to start a project removing possums from the Perth Valley - forever. If it is successful it could be a game changer towards a Predator Free New Zealand.   read more

  • 25 May

    Plowman Medal Awarded to NEXT Champion Frank Janssen

    NEXT champion Frank Janssen has been awarded the Plowman medal for his generous contribution to NEXT’s education investments. Thank you Frank for your valuable insights - straight talking - and your philosophy of giving back.  read more

  • 22 May

    The Power of Two: ZIP Chief Executive, Al Bramley, on the DOC/NEXT Collaboration

    Zero Invasive Predators Chief Executive,  Al Bramley, shares his insights on the Power of Two - the collaboration between the Department of Conservation and NEXT to form ZIP.  read more

  • 18 May

    Predator Free Community Champion Kelvin Hastie: "Tuis are dripping from our trees"

    Predator Free Community Champion Kelvin Hastie - who NEXT supported for three years, discusses the return of native birds in Wellington with Jesse Mulligan on RNZ. read more

  • 14 May

    Government Flags Boost to Predator Free Funding

    The Government has flagged extra funding for Predator Control in next week’s budget.  read more

  • 11 May

    Taranaki Mounga Becomes New Home for More Endangered Species

    Taranaki Mounga is coming back to life! Another 50 toutouwai - the endangered North Island Robin, have been released as part of the restoration initiative NEXT supports. read more

  • 10 May

    Wellington Showing Serious Signs of Becoming Predator Free

    Wellington is aiming to be the first Predator Free Capital City in the world - and as Newsroom reports, there are serious signs in the suburbs that backyard trappers are making a difference.  read more

  • 08 May

    Pāteke population in Abel Tasman soars

    The Abel Tasman National Park has been given the tick of approval as a home for pāteke, with the population of rare native ducks increasing dramatically.   read more

  • 03 May

    Birdsong Returning to Wellington - How Kelvin Hastie helped Transform his Suburb - and his City

    Have you heard what’s going on in Wellington? It’s a sound that is music to the ears of NEXT Predator Free Community Champion Kelvin Hastie- the Crofton Downs resident who was a catalyst for a burgeoning backyard trapping network - and the inspiration for Predator Free Wellington.  read more

  • 17 Apr

    NEXT Celebrates Four Years - Update on EOI Process

    NEXT Foundation is celebrating four years since its launch in 2014 – and now supports sixteen environmental and education initiatives.   read more

  • 17 Apr

    NEXT Supports Bright Spots Awards for Teachers

    “The Bright Spots Awards are another opportunity for us to support examples of excellence in practice in New Zealand education. We are delighted to be able to partner with The Education Hub in them,” NEXT CEO Bill Kermode commenting on the new awards for teacher innovation, supported by NEXT. read more

  • 17 Apr

    NEXT Expert Teacher Awards Announced

    Two teachers have been selected as the winners of the NEXT Expert Teacher Award at the Mind Lab by Unitec Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice graduation held this week.  read more

  • 10 Apr

    WHIO Census at Taranaki Mounga

    Department of Conservation rangers and their conservation dogs Tai and Marti have been conducting their own census - counting endangered whio ducklings at the NEXT supported environmental initiative Taranaki Mounga.  read more

  • 09 Apr

    NEXT Supports New Teaching Awards

    NEXT Foundation is supporting The Education Hub in a new teaching award - aimed at boosting classroom innovation.  read more

  • 29 Mar

    NEXT Announces New Education Investment

    “This investment is about NZ children - research shows teachers have the biggest impact on improving a child’s educational outcomes.” NEXT CEO Bill Kermode announces a new NEXT education investment in The Education Hub. The Hub is a resource for teachers connecting educational research and teaching practice.  read more

  • 20 Mar

    The Mind Lab launches Digital Passport for Teachers with NEXT Support

    The Mind Lab by Unitec has launched a new education platform today to enable teachers to develop the skills and understanding to deliver the new digital technologies curriculum. NEXT is supporting the new Digital Passport initiative as a natural progression from its investment in sponsoring teachers to undertake The Mind Lab’s postgraduate technology qualification.  read more

  • 08 Mar

    45 New Secondary School Teachers Launch Careers through Teach First NZ: Ako Mātātupu

    Forty-five university graduates and career changers have begun a new profession this year - teaching at some of New Zealand’s lowest income communities. They are the Teach First NZ: Ako Mātātupu 2018 cohort - a NEXT supported initiative addressing inequality in our education system.   read more

  • 07 Mar

    Project Janszoon Celebrates Five Years

    “No longer possums on the roof - but weka on the lawn”. The Nelson Daily Mail profiles the successes of NEXT environmental initiative Project Janszoon as it celebrates five years.  read more

  • 05 Mar

    Predator Free Wellington Prioritised in 10 Year Plan

    Wellington has ramped up its efforts to become the first Predator Free capital city in the world - giving it extra priority in the draft 10 year plan released this week.  read more

  • 21 Feb

    Mainland Predator Eradication Project Planned for Perth River

    A new predator control project is in the pipeline which could be significant in New Zealand’s ambitous goal to be Predator Free by 2050. NEXT supported Zero Invasive Predators is planning an intensive operation near Whataroa - where the Perth River could act as a natural barrier to keep predators out - forever.  read more

  • 20 Feb

    We Shall Not Remain Silent

    'The benign neglect of Māori and Pacific Island children in our education system is a disgrace. The Manaiakalani digital education programme for low income earners is a triumph- it is liberating these children who have been ignored too long.” Pat Snedden MNZM Chair of Manaiakalani Trust speaking at NEXT Outlook.

     read more
  • 19 Feb

    Tai - Secret Canine Weapon at Taranaki Mounga Project

    Tai has been successfully sniffing out whio in Taranaki. He is one of the first Conservation Dogs certified to locate whio in the region and has helped to locate a record number of 64 whio chicks on eight rivers this season. read more

  • 09 Feb

    Seven Sharp Profiles The Summer Learning Journey

    More than 500 primary and intermediate schoolchildren from low decile Manaiakalani schools have been blogging over the holidays under the NEXT supported Summer Learning Journey. Seven Sharp journalist Michael Holland caught up with two girls from St Pius X school in Auckland to check out what the programme and the “summer slump” is all about.  read more

  • 30 Jan

    The Tomorrow Accord - The Shape of Conservation to Come

    “The Tomorrow Accord has emerged as a blueprint for private/public conservation that is … probably here to stay”. Wilderness magazine reports on the groundbreaking agreement between the Government and NEXT Foundation to ensure environmental gains are guaranteed by future governments.  read more

  • 23 Jan

    NEXT and Play it Strange - travelling side by side for a better NZ

    “I learnt classical music so I could get out of study and hide in the music rooms…” Mike Chunn - friend of NEXT, music mentor and Play it Strange Trust CEO takes us back to where his passion for music began - how Split Enz was born - and how NEXT and his music charity are travelling side by side for a better New Zealand.   read more

  • 19 Jan

    Summer Learning Journey Keeps Low Decile Students Academically Match Fit

    “Students who didn’t practice or flex their literary muscles over summer experienced a loss of literary fitness that took lots of hard work and training to regain ..” Dr Rachel Williams, from the NEXT supported initiative Summer Learning Journey, in an article for Newsroom.  read more

  • 19 Jan

    Mount Taranaki Granted Same Legal Rights As A Person

    The NZ Government has granted the iconic Taranaki mountain a “legal personality.” The Chairman of the NEXT supported Taranaki Mounga project; and Chief negotiator for the Taranaki iwi Jamie Tuuta has described it as “significant to Maori people nationwide.”  read more

  • 21 Dec

    Project Janszoon Annual Report

    Project Janszoon; a NEXT supported environmental initiative restoring Abel Tasman National Park, has published its 2017 annual report.  read more

  • 21 Dec

    Taranaki Mounga Annual Report

    Taranaki Mounga, a NEXT supported environmental initiative restoring the National Park; has published its 2017 annual report.  read more

  • 21 Dec

    Project Janszoon Celebrates Five Years

    Project Janszoon - a NEXT environmental initiative is celebrating its fifth anniversary. The project is a collaboration between the Department of Conservation; The Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust iwi and community to restore the Abel Tasman National Park.  read more

  • 19 Dec

    NEXT Education and Environment Leaders End of Year Messages

    For our final newsletter of 2017 we bring you the wisdom of the wonderful leaders in education and the environment that NEXT supports. We asked them for a short quote or anecdotal story that resonates with them. Enjoy the read - have a safe and happy festive season and we look forward to connecting with you again in 2018.  read more

  • 18 Dec

    Arteries and Capillaries of Government - getting Policy and Implementation in Sync

    "Often the arteries of government policy fail to be implemented within the capillaries of the community . . . ” a blog from NEXT CEO Bill Kermode following a recent visit to US philanthropic organisations.  read more

  • 14 Dec

    Summer Learning Journey Boosted by NEXT Foundation

    "Summer Learning Journey is an excellent example of a well structured education innovation with robust evidence and a scalable model,” - NEXT CEO Bill Kermode in the NZ Herald, in a report about NEXT’s latest education investment.  read more

  • 13 Dec

    NEXT announces new Education Investment in Summer Learning Journey

    A blogging programme for school children – to help them maintain academic grades over the summer holidays – is to expand significantly with support from NEXT Foundation.   read more

  • 06 Dec

    Collaboration in Action on Taranaki Mounga

    Taranaki Mounga is gradually being brought back to life - He Kawa Ora. The NEXT supported project is large scale and ambitious - but all parts of the community are collaborating to slowly turn the vision into reality.  read more

  • 04 Dec

    Thermal Imaging Developments to Assist with a Predator Free NZ

    The NEXT supported environmental initiative The Cacophony Project has made significant gains in developing heat cameras to help detect predators - an effective tool in the ambitous goal towards Predator Free NZ 2050.  read more

  • 29 Nov

    Toutouwai/North Island Robin breeding on Taranaki Mounga after 112 years

    Conservationists are celebrating at NEXT supported environmental initiative Taranaki Mounga after three Toutouwai/North Island robin breeding pairs were discovered with chicks. It is the first time the species has bred on the Mounga for 112 years.  read more

  • 27 Nov

    Zero Invasive Predators Trial in South Westland

    NEXT supported environmental initiative ZIP has had some great success in a predator eradication trial in South Westland. The aim was to rid the area completely of rats and possums using a modified method of aerial predator control. The results could mean toxins like 1080 may only need to be used once if areas can be defended from reinvasion.  read more

  • 23 Nov

    NEXT Announces New Education Investment

    NEXT Foundation has announced it is investing in an educational support programme for new parents and their babies – SPACE. SPACE for you and your baby is a programme run through early childhood education and community organisations offering parent education, parent support and community connectedness. NEXT is funding its expansion over the next few years as it integrates with another family support network, Parenting Place.  read more

  • 22 Nov

    PwC NEXT Young Leader 2017 - Alex McKay

    NEXT is privileged to have the support of PwC as part of our vision to make New Zealand a better place for our land and our people. As part of our relationship PwC seconds one of their best to be a NEXT Young Leader for 6-9 months.This year we have enjoyed the support of Alex McKay - who has passed the baton this week to his successor Jacob Weaver.  read more

  • 20 Nov

    Eradication Nation

    “If any country can pull off an eradication blitzkrieg New Zealand can..” International recognition for New Zealand’s ambitious Predator free 2050 goal in an article in bioGraphic, part of the California Academy of Science. bioGraphic spent time with the team at Zero Invasive Predators - a NEXT supported environmental initiative as part of its report.  read more

  • 06 Nov

    Rotoroa Island at the Vanguard of Conservation - Philippe Cousteau

    NEXT environmental initiative Rotoroa Island has been praised by visiting filmmaker and conservationist Philippe Cousteau as being at “the vanguard of conservation”. Cousteau - grandson of environmental icon Jacques Cousteau - was visiting the island to film a programme for Xploration Station.  read more

  • 02 Nov

    Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru recognised as finalist in Rotorua Westpac Business Excellence Awards

    The NEXT supported education initiative Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru was recently selected as a finalist for the prestigious Rotorua Westpac Business Excellence Awards.  read more

  • 31 Oct

    Cacophony Project Update

    In this newsletter - The Cacophony Project reveals developments with a high resolution heat camera to better detect predators. It’s part of its mission to bring information technology into predator management.  read more

  • 30 Oct

    Collaboration key to Predator Free NZ

    Naturalist and environmental advocate Ruud Kleinpaste talks to NewstalkZB about how collaboration is the key for a Predator Free NZ. NEXT Predator Free Community Champion Kelvin Hastie and the Wellington City Predator Free Project come in for special mention. read more

  • 09 Oct

    Kiwi release and monitoring on Taranaki Mounga

    Taranaki Mounga and Taranaki Kiwi Trust have teamed up to give kiwis released onto the Mounga a better chance of survival. As this video shows, some of the kiwis released onto the Mounga this month have been fitted with transmitters for better protection.  read more

  • 06 Oct

    Springboard celebrates ten years.

    One of the education initiatives NEXT Invests in - Springboard Trust - is celebrating its 10th birthday. Springboard offers strategic leadership advice to school principals and in the video below its Chairman Ian Narev outlines its success over the past decade.  read more

  • 05 Oct

    Zero Invasive Predators Update - Annual Report 2017

    New innovations in possum trapping, rat detection and new prescriptions for 1080 are highlighted in the ZIP annual report published this week. NEXT invests in ZIP - which is at the forefront of developing new technology to assist with the challenge of New Zealand being Predator Free by 2050.  read more

  • 02 Oct

    Takahē population reaches 300

    The endangered takahē - once thought to be extinct, has now reached a population of 300. Radio NZ reports on the history and recovery efforts of this unique species. NEXT’s environmental initiative Rotoroa Island is home to a breeding pair of takahē and a chick as part of an innovative conservation programme between DOC, Auckland Zoo and Rotoroa Island.  read more

  • 26 Sep

    When is your Foundation investment ready?

    Friend of NEXT Annette Culpan offers up some advice on when charities are investment ready - including some insights from NEXT CEO Bill Kermode.  read more

  • 22 Sep

    Sir Rob Fenwick features on Country Calendar

    NEXT environmental advisor Sir Rob Fenwick talks conservation and farming on this week’s episode on TV One’s Country Calendar.  read more

  • 20 Sep

    PFNZ2050 Expressions of Interest announced

    Do you have an ambitious Predator Free project and looking for funding? PFNZ2050 is inviting applications in its inaugural EOI funding round. Applications close in October.  read more

  • 18 Sep

    NEXT Expert Teacher Award winners announced

    Sandy Bornholdt from Mt Manganui’s Te Kura o Matapihi has been recognised as the country’s top digital teacher, winning the prestigious NEXT Expert Teacher Award at The Mind Lab by Unitec’s graduation in Auckland last week. read more

  • 15 Sep

    Philanthropy and kaupapa Maori - aligned or at odds?

    “He waka eke noa.. we are all in this together. We need help, let’s paddle the waka together.."  Jamie Tuuta, Maori Trustee, CEO Te Tumu Paeroa, Chair Taranaki Mounga, on kaupapa Maori iwi and philanthropy, shares his insights into Maoridom today; philanthropy - and how iwi and philanthropists can work together for a better New Zealand. His presentation is part of our NEXT Outlook series, profiling thought leaders in education, the environment and philanthropy.  read more

  • 06 Sep

    Babies' speech tracked in bid to bridge learning gap between rich and poor

    Technology is helping parents realise the benefits of richer language with babies in their first 1000 days - the New Zealand Herald report on the device being trialled by NEXT education initiative Talking Matters.  read more

  • 05 Sep

    September 2017

    In the NEXT September Newsletter we highlight our education investment in the First 1000 days with an opinion piece from the Children’s Commissioner; and some technology trials in Talking Matters. We also bring you an environmental update from Project Janszoon and introduce some young Canterbury songwriters in our Meet the Musicians series.  read more

  • 11 Aug

    Meet the Musicians

    Play it Strange songwriters Troy Scott and Katie Miller found music therapeutic during the trauma of the Christchurch earthquakes. In this Meet the Musicians profile,they discuss what songwriting means to them - and the story behind their single “Turn to Me” which they kindly allow NEXT to use on our video about education initiative The Springboard Trust. read more

  • 09 Aug

    Kelvin Hastie joins MPI Biosecurity Working Group

    NEXT Predator Free Community Champion Kelvin Hastie has joined the Ministry for Primary Industries Biosecurity 2025 4.7million Strategic Direction Working Group.  read more

  • 08 Aug

    Predator Free Wellington Update

    The NEXT supported initiative to establish Wellington as the first Predator Free capital city in the world is gaining momentum. This Predator Free Wellington newsletter updates information on the project - including progress on the Miramar Peninsula.  read more

  • 07 Aug

    Talking Matters Trials Technology

    Could technology help tune parents into the importance of rich communication with their babies in their first 1000 days? Talking Matters, a NEXT early years(0-3) education initiative has been testing cutting edge technology with a group of parents - as a tool for promoting richer language.  read more

  • 31 Jul

    It's all Won or Lost by the Fifth Birthday

    All roads lead to the very early years of a child’s life … says New Zealand’s Children’s Commissioner Judge Andrew Becroft. So … what areas does he believe New Zealand should be focusing on to improve the outcomes of our children?  read more

  • 31 Jul

    Wellington 'predator-free' communities celebrate trapping 5,000 rats

    Wellington City's plans to become the first Predator Free capital in the world are gaining momentum - with 26 suburbs now running their own backyard trapping programme.  read more

  • 25 Jul

    Predator Free NZ 2050 - one year on

    New Zealand is one year into its mission of becoming Predator Free by 2050. The Department of Conservation reflects on what's happened in the 12 months - including updates on NEXT initiatives Taranaki Mounga, Project Janszoon, NEXT Predator Free Community Champion Kelvin Hastie, The Cacophony Project and Zero Invasive Predators.  read more

  • 25 Jul

    Wellingtonians overwhelmingly support Predator Free

    Wellington is coming up to the first anniversary of its announcement to become Predator Free - and a recent study shows Wellingtonians are right behind it.  read more

  • 20 Jul

    Chris Simcock awarded Fellowship from the Edmund Hillary Foundation

    Friend of NEXT Chris Simcock has been awarded a fellowship in the inaugural cohort from the Edmund Hillary Foundation. Chris explains his new direction and how NEXT foundation influenced a career move….  read more

  • 18 Jul

    NEXT July Update

    In the NEXT July update … we bring you a new sixty second video This is NEXT ; news on an investment in The Cacophony Project; a story on the return of absent residents on Taranaki Mounga; and a profile on one of our musician friends from Play it Strange.   read more

  • 14 Jul

    This is NEXT

    This is NEXT … in sixty seconds. We are often asked for an “executive summary” of who is NEXT and what we do -so we have put our story in a one minute video ... read more

  • 12 Jul

    Top of the South kaka captive breeding programme launched

    A desire to improve the genetic diversity of kaka released into the Abel Tasman National Park has seen the launch of a northern South Island kaka captive breeding programme.   read more

  • 11 Jul

    Sir Rob Fenwick: Predator-free target our last chance to save the kiwi

    No kiwi, no kea, no kaka - NEXT environmental advisor Sir Rob Fenwick explains in the NZ Herald why New Zealand just has to become Predator Free.  read more

  • 04 Jul

    NEXT Foundation and ZIP Invest in Cacophony Project

    Could sound lures and artificial intelligence be key tools in New Zealand becoming Predator Free? NEXT Foundation and Zero Invasive Predators is delighted to announce it is investing in the Cacophony Project - a research and development open sourced initiative using information technology in conservation.  read more

  • 21 Jun

    Taranaki Mounga wins Green Ribbon Award

    NEXT environmental initiative Taranaki Mounga has been honoured with a prestigious Green Ribbon Award.   read more

  • 01 Jun

    Native Birds in Desperate Situation, says Environment Commissioner

    NEXT CEO Bill Kermode welcomed the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s report on Saving New Zealand’s Birds released today.  read more

  • 23 May

    End of an Era

    NEXT environmental initiative the Rotoroa Island Trust has farewelled its Chairman Barrie Brown. Barrie has stepped down after a decade at the helm - and oversaw the transition from being a former Salvation Army drug and rehabilitation centre to the conservation park and wildlife sanctuary it is today.   read more

  • 10 May

    Meet the Musicians - Teia Kennedy

    NEXT would like to introduce you to one of the talented young Play it Strange musicians Teia Kennedy. Teia’s wonderful single “Armani’s Song” backs the video for the Rotorua education initiative Nga Pumanawa e Waru, that NEXT invests in.   read more

  • 02 May

    A Milestone for Taranaki Mounga Project

    A milestone for Taranaki Mounga project, one of the environmental initiatives NEXT invests in.  read more

  • 05 Apr

    NEXT hosts Sir Richard Branson to Predator Free Rotoroa Island

    NEXT was privileged to host international entrepreneur and philanthropist Sir Richard Branson on a visit to Rotoroa Island - as part of his interest in New Zealand’s mission to become Predator Free by 2050.  read more

  • 23 Mar

    Sir Rob Fenwick - Vision for a Predator Free NZ 2050

    NEXT environmental advisor Sir Rob Fenwick has declared a call to arms to protect our country - in a national battle against invasive predators.  read more

  • 07 Mar

    Philanthropy & Impact Investing

    David Thomas and his wife sold their mail order wine business for $A160miiliion - and decided to give half of it away.  read more

  • 14 Feb

    Collaboration and harnessing the power passion and talent of the school Principal is key to developing stronger leadership in schools …

    ..according to Ian Narev, Chair of the NEXT supported Springboard Trust and CEO of the Australian Commonwealth Bank.  read more

  • 09 Feb

    NEXT Foundation Board Update

    NEXT Foundation has today confirmed its Chairman Chris Liddell is stepping down as non-executive Chairman. Chris’ resignation follows his appointment as Assistant to the President and Director of Strategic Initiatives in the United States Administration.  read more

  • 19 Jan

    NEXT EOI Process Deferred

    NEXT Foundation is pleased to be supporting eight New Zealand environment and education organisations, in addition to the five Foundation initiatives that the trustees had committed to before NEXT’s 2014 launch.   read more

  • 19 Dec

    NEXT Review

    NEXT is pleased to present its inaugural Review - documenting the NEXT journey over its first two and a half years.  read more

  • 28 Nov

    Education Futurist Frances Valintine Advice to NEXT Generation

    Educational futurist and The Mind Lab founder Frances Valintine questions whether Kiwi millennials are ready for the changes technology is bringing.  read more

  • 28 Nov

    NEXT Chairman Chris Liddell on Why Talking Matters, Matters

    NEXT Chairman Chris Liddell appears on TVNZ 1 Breakfast to discuss NEXT’s latest investment in Talking Matters, a campaign to promote communication with babies in their first 1000 days. read more

  • 17 Nov

    Why Investing in 0-3 Year's Early Education is Important for our Children

    NEXT is thrilled to announce its investment in “Talking Matters” - a campaign about the importance of communicating with babies in the first 1000 days. It’s NEXT’s first investment in early years education 0-3 years. read more

  • 17 Nov

    New campaign to Promote Talking to Babies in the First 1000 Days

    Funding for a new programme promoting the importance of communicating with kiwi babies and young children called “Talking Matters” has been announced today.  read more

  • 19 Oct

    Seattle – city of infectious generosity, by Chris Liddell

    NEXT Chairman Chris Liddell and CEO Bill Kermode recently toured philanthropic foundations in the US … Chris discovered a thriving culture in Seattle - including some of his former colleagues at Microsoft. Read more read more

  • 17 Oct

    Unlocking scalability for New Zealand, by Bill Kermode

    NEXT CEO Bill Kermode recently visited US philanthropic foundations on a research trip with Chairman Chris Liddell - where a foundation in Boston introduced him to the concept of “venture philanthropy.” Read More read more

  • 11 Oct

    Meet the Musicians - Josie Hick

    Josie Hick drew the inspiration for her song “Dream Come True” sitting on her couch one day taking in the spectacular view of Mount Taranaki. Her song now backs NEXT's video of the Taranaki Mounga project - a groundbreaking collaboration to restore the iconic mountain and National Park.  read more

  • 29 Sep

    Taranaki Mounga Announces New Founding Investors

    NEXT has welcomed a landmark collaboration announced today to help fund Taranaki Mounga - the project restoring the biodiversity of Egmont National Park. read more

  • 26 Sep

    Wellington Aims High to Become the First Predator Free Capital City in the World

    Wellington City Council (WCC), the Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) and NEXT Foundation, today announced a joint collaboration to make Wellington the first Predator Free capital city in the world. read more

  • 26 Sep

    NEXT Predator Free Community Champion, Kelvin Hastie

    NEXT Foundation is delighted to announce a new partnership to support communities becoming predator free – it has engaged Wellingtonian Kelvin Hastie as the NEXT Predator Free Community Champion. read more

  • 30 Aug

    Meet the Musicians - Jess Adams

    NEXT Foundation would like to introduce you to singer songwriter Jess Adams.  read more

  • 23 Aug

    NEXT Chairman Chris Liddell’s Advice to NEXT Generation

    How does a twenty-something Kiwi prepare for the challenges of the modern world? That’s the question pitched to NEXT Foundation Chairman Chris Liddell by a group of young New Zealanders called NEXT Generation who are on a journey of discovery about philanthropy.  read more

  • 03 Aug

    Data Sharing for Better Decision Making – An Introduction

    NEXT supports projects that are transformational, inspirational and business-like. Part of “business-like” is using evidence to support actions and decision-making. “Big data” is widening the breadth of that evidence, and technology is making it potentially much more widely available. NEXT supports initiatives that create and use that data responsibly for better decision making.  read more

  • 26 Jul

    Can New Zealand be predator free by 2050?

    That's the bold vision of the Government, which announced $28 million investment over the next four years to kick start this campaign… inspired by projects like NEXT’s Rotoroa Island and Mount Taranaki Mounga.  read more

  • 21 Jul

    NEXT Foundation / Play it Strange - Meeting Our Musicians series

    The Next Foundation values its relationship with Play It Strange, a Trust which encourages young New Zealanders to develop their song writing and musical skills. Play it Strange has generously granted NEXT access to its artists – whose music appears on our project videos, on our website.  read more

  • 04 May

    NEXT's Philanthropic Investment Focus

    NEXT Chairman Chris Liddell outlines the Foundation's philanthropic investment focus in education and the environment.  read more

  • 03 May

    NEXT Foundation Confirms Areas of Particular Interest

    The NEXT Foundation has confirmed the areas it is most interested in regarding its strategy to improve New Zealand’s environment and education.  read more

  • 01 Mar

    NEXT EOI Process in 2017

    In March it will be two years since NEXT Foundation was launched. In that time we have run two national Expression of Interest (“EOI”) processes, received nearly 400 applications, announced commitments to seven organisations, and are still in discussion with some others out of the 2015 EOI process.  read more

  • 11 Dec

    The Ambitious Project Taranaki Mounga

    An ambitious new conservation project has been the latest recipient of NEXT Foundation support: Project Taranaki Mounga aims to make Egmont National Park the first predator-free national park, creating a haven for native wildlife. read more

  • 11 Dec

    PRESS RELEASE: NEXT Foundation Invests in Large Conservation Project

     read more

  • 26 Nov

    Zero Invasive Predators Limited - Report to 30 June 2015

    ZIP is a partnership between the Department of Conservation and NEXT Foundation, and commenced operations in February 2015. This report touches on the work programme that began in March 2013 under Department of Conservation management, with more detail provided on the activities of the 2014/2015 business year.  read more

  • 28 Aug

    ARTICLE: World-Class Auckland: Dramatic learning aid leads the way nationwide

      Chris Liddell, our Chair talks to NZ Herald's Education Reporter about Manaiakalani Outreach and the NEXT Foundation's commitment to people who are innovative and are trying different approaches in education. read more

  • 02 Jul

    PRESS RELEASE: Two New Investments in Education

    NEXT Foundation today announced a further two investments in education from the many excellent submissions to its 2014 application process.  read more

  • 01 Jul

    Addressing Equity in Education

    Chair of Manaiakalani, Pat Snedden believes living in a low socio economic community should not determine your education outcomes.  read more

  • 01 Jul

    Improving engagement and achievement for Rotorua’s learners

    Tēnei te mihi ki a koutou. Haere mai ki te waka o Te Arawa.Haere mai ki te kaupapa o Ngā Pūmanawa e Waru  read more

  • 12 May

    What Are We Looking For?

    Five qualities that we will be looking for in this year’s ‘Expressions of Interest’ applications - transformational change, outstanding leadership and management, measuring impact, business-like operations and good governance - were well illustrated by the successful 2014 applicants.  read more

  • 12 May

    Expressions of Interest Open May 18!

    To help guide your application, we have outlined what we are looking for in Expressions of Interest this year. We know we’ll be inspired by your submissions again! read more

  • 04 May

    So What Makes a Great Teacher?

    Doug Lemov writes in The Guardian about the revolution that could change the way your child is taught. He believes great teachers are made, not born – and his ideas are transforming education.   read more

  • 23 Apr

    The Guardian features Rotoroa Island’s ambitious new Wildlife Sanctuary

    The Guardian’s Jeremy Hanse travelled to New Zealand to cover a story about an innovative and ambitious undertaking by Rotoroa Island and the Auckland Zoo to ‘turn tiny New Zealand island into bold wildlife experiment.’ He talks about the big things happening on Rotoroa Island and the a new sanctuary for endangered species that aims to create a whole new ecosystem. read more

  • 13 Apr

    ZIPPING the Mainland

    Borrowing from a Q&A that Project Janszoon published in their recent newsletter, ZIP CEO Al Bramley talks about the progress they are making in Marlborough.  read more

  • 26 Mar

    Making Schools Better

    Reflecting our philosophy of strategic philanthropy and measuring the impact of initiatives, NEXT Foundation is delighted to announce an additional investment to SpringBoard Trust (SBT) to enable robust and rigorous evaluation of their programmes. SBT has commissioned New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER) to research learning outcomes from the SBT programmes and we’re thrilled to have their depth of expertise to lead this work.  read more

  • 10 Mar

    The Mind Lab opens in Gisborne and Wellington

    The Mind Lab is expanding! We are delighted to partner with them to offer 800 NEXT Generation Teacher scholarships to their Postgraduate Programme and even more delighted that they now extend to Gisborne and Wellington public school teachers.  read more

  • 26 Feb

    Dairy Industry Commits to Predator Control

    Five major dairy companies today joined NEXT Foundation, DOC and philanthropists Sam and Gareth Morgan in a dramatic partnership. read more

  • 30 Jan

    New Yorker Magazine Features the Big Kill

    The kiwi is threatened.  We take a look at what can be done.   read more

  • 15 Dec

    Taking Care of our Rivers

    Dame Anne Salmond, Patron of Te Awaroa, believes New Zealand’s challenge is to bring everyone together to ensure our rivers thrive. read more

  • 15 Dec

    Transforming Predator Management

    Al Bramley CEO of ZIP talks about an innovative partnership to transform the way invasive predators are managed on the mainland of New Zealand. read more

  • 15 Dec

    Preparing For Tomorrow’s World

    Frances Valintine, Founder and Chair of The Mind Lab by Unitec advocates teachers are the answer to preparing our students for a super charged world. read more

  • 15 Dec

    Making Principals Successful

    The Springboard Trust Chair Ian Narev believes it is a critical right for young kiwis to have access to a great education regardless of their circumstance. read more

  • 15 Dec

    Taking Care of What Happens NEXT

    NEXT Foundation Chair, Chris Liddell writes in the NZ Herald about NEXT Foundation’s strategic approach to philanthropy. read more

  • 15 Dec

    First Four Investments

    NEXT Foundation Chair Chris Liddell is delighted to announce the foundation’s first four investments in the fields of the environment and education. read more

  • 19 Aug

    Next advisory board member Rob Fenwick’s speech to the Environmental Defence Society Conference, 6 a

    Read Rob's speech here. read more

  • 01 Aug

    NEXT Presentation to NZ Biosecurity Institute “Like No Other” annual conference at New Plymouth

    View the presentations here. read more

  • 01 Aug

    NEXT Foundation responds to applicants and announces launch of Nexchange

    We have responded to the more than 280 Expressions of Interest (“EOIs”) received for our initial grant process. read more

  • 14 Jul

    NEXT Foundation receives outstanding response to initial grant process

    NEXT Foundation is pleased to announce that it has received an outstanding response to its initial grant process. read more

  • 27 May

    NEXT Foundation announces ceo appointment

    The NEXT Foundation today announced the appointment of Bill Kermode as its Chief Executive Officer. read more

  • 24 Mar

    The Tomorrow Accord

    An agreement between the New Zealand Government and the NEXT Foundation. read more

  • 22 Mar

    Minister of Conservation and NEXT Foundation sign tomorrow accord

    The Government and NEXT Foundation will today sign a conservation Accord that will secure the ecological gains made by qualifying privately funded conservation projects. read more

  • 17 Mar

    Campbell Live: NEXT Foundation fuelling the next generations

    There has been a major announcement this afternoon with news that $100 million is being made available to fund environmental and educational projects in New Zealand. read more

  • 14 Mar

    NEXT Foundation Profile

    The NEXT Foundation has been established to create a legacy of environmental and educational excellence for the benefit of future generations of New Zealanders. read more

  • 14 Mar

    $100m foundation to support NZ environment and education

    A $100 million philanthropic foundation, established to support and invest in high impact New Zealand-based environmental and education projects, was launched in Auckland today. read more